Anooshe Mushtaq radio interview
Anger at Pakistani Govt for failing to protect minority groups in wake of Lahore bombing – ABC Radio
March 29, 2016
Intercultural Understanding Masterclass
Intercultural Understanding Masterclass
April 15, 2016

Interview with ABC News Radio’s Marius Benson

Anooshe Mushtaq Radio Interview

Anooshe mushtaq interview ABC News radio Marius Benson

Is the Pakistani Taliban succeeding in creating tensions between Christians and other Pakistanis?
Listen to interview here

Anooshe Mushtaq
Anooshe Mushtaq
Anooshe is Chair and founder of The Raqīb Taskforce, is an accomplished public speaker and writer and is an advisor to Australian Government, Police and a consultant to charities and social welfare organisations working with vulnerable members of the Australian Muslim community.

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