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Digital Crisis And The Rise Of Lone Wolf Attacks
April 28, 2017
Anooshe Mushtaq Sky News Australia Interview
Sky News Australia – Interview with Tom Connell on Melbourne Brighton Siege and Manchester Terrorist Attack
June 6, 2017

Risk Management in Counter-Terrorism

Safety, security & counter terrorism forum

Risk Management in Counter-Terrorism

Title of Anooshe’s presentation:

Risk Management in Counter-Terrorism


The risk of terrorism is growing across businesses and industries. It is crucial for organizations to know how to identify their security risk by utilizing effective risk assessment to be adequately prepared for crisis situation. This workshop will help you to:

  • Threat – the nature and causes of violent extremism internationally and domestically
  • Intent, capability, vulnerabilities – how these variables are playing out internationally and domestically
  • Risk management implications – scope and nature of prevention and response measures, with a focus on social inclusion given the clearly understood causal factors around isolation and radicalisation
  • Lessons

2017 Safety, Security and Counter-Terrorism Forum




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Anooshe Mushtaq
Anooshe Mushtaq
Anooshe is Chair and founder of The Raqīb Taskforce, is an accomplished public speaker and writer and is an advisor to Australian Government, Police and a consultant to charities and social welfare organisations working with vulnerable members of the Australian Muslim community.

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